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Demoiselle Cranes SIGNATURE POULTRY (dot) COM
Demoiselle Cranes reach altitudes up to 26,000 feet over the Himalayas during migration & many are lost due to fatigue. Demoiselle means damsel or little lady.
East African Crowned Cranes 
East African Crowned Cranes have a wing span of over 6 to 7 feet while in flight. Choosing a mate for life, parents equally share nesting duties.
Stanley Cranes 
Stanley Cranes (also known as Blue), nest in grassy wetlands or fields; males providing most of the protection for the nest & Africa's national bird.
Please Call For Availability 
Greater Curassows 
Greater Curassows stand 3 feet or taller. The males are shiny black with a yellow facial knob and white underbellies & females have a mottled crest.

Helmeted Curassows
Helmeted Curassows are endangered by illegal hunting; loss of habitat to cattle ranches, narcotics cultivation, human development & low reproductive rate.
Razor-Billed Curassows
Razor-Billed Curassows come from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Equador and Peru. Their natural habitat which they prefer is tropical moist lowland forests. 
Yellow-Knobbed Curassows
Yellow-Knobbed Curassows eat fruits, leaves, seeds and small animals; both sexes help build the nest off of the ground and the female lays only two eggs.
Please Call   1-661-822-7437  For Availability 
Black-Bellied Whistling Tree Ducks
Black-Bellied Whistling Tree Duck males and females look alike; nest in hollow trees; share parenting; often feeding nocturnally and uniquely monogamous.
Common Shelducks
Common Shelducks will fly away from predators, while doing so acting as decoys, while their young will dive under the water for temporary protection.
Fulvous Tree Ducks
Fulvous Tree Ducks (or tawny) live in wet meadows, lagoons & marshlands; both sexes look alike with the males being larger and females lay 12-15 eggs.
Mandarin Ducks
Mandarin Ducks reunite with mates & hatchlings to help watch them closely; Mandarin duck images are a symbol of wedding bliss & fidelity in Chinese lore.
Paradise Shelducks
Paradise Shelducks are prized gamebirds in New Zealand; usually live in pairs; graze on weeds or grass and when molting will often raid agricultural crops.
Ringed Teal Ducks
Ringed Teal Ducks, from South America, live in swampy forests, marshy clearings in lowlands or tropical habitats. Pairs maintain their color all year long.
Ruddy Shelducks
Ruddy Shelducks are migratory birds, wintering in southern Asia; breeding on cliffs, in burrows, crevices or treeholes & lays up to 16 creamy-white eggs.
White-Faced Tree Ducks
White-Faced Tree Ducks' mutual preening precedes permanent pair bonding; copulating in water; nest on dry ground and hide their ducklings in reeds.
Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks usually nest over water as the ducklings jump from their nest, up to 290 feet without injury & are able to swim and find food at one day old. 
Please CALL 1-661-822-7437 For Availability 
Asian Swamp Hens 
Asian Swamp Hens are able to walk on floating plants, but also swim on the surface of water like a goose and use their feet to hold food while eating.

Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis are wading birds; occasionally makes croaking noises; nests in tree colonies with other birds; builds a stick nest & the female lays 2-3 eggs.
Please Call 1For Availability 
Andean Geese
Andean Geese are members of the duck, goose and swan families; male & female are similar except in size & live in the Andes Mountains up to 3,000 feet.
Canadian Geese
Canadian Geese are native to the artic and temperate regions of North America; are monogamous and extremely protective of their goslings from predators. 
Cape Barren or Cereopsis Geese
Cape Barren or Cereopsis Geese have pink legs, black feet; feed by grazing, including agricultural land; have a 5+ ft. wingspan; are 7-15 lbs. & rarely swim.

Egyptian Geese
Egyptian Geese are abundant and breed widely in Africa; found mostly in the Nile Valley; both sexes have identical plumage and they usually pair for life.
Lesser Magellan Geese
Lesser Magellan Geese are found in open grasslands; females are brown w/black stripes and yellow legs; they are 24-29 inches long and weigh 5-7 pounds. 
Orinoco Geese
Orinoco Geese are resident breeders in marshes or forest lakes of So. America; rarely swims or flies unless stressed & very territorial in breeding season. 
Please Call For Availability
Vulturine Guinea Fowl
Vulturine Guinea Fowl breed in open, dry areas, with scattered bushes; lay 4-8 cream colored eggs; roost in trees; are gregarious & form flocks of 25 birds.

India Blue Peacocks
India Blue Peacocks are omnivorous; designated as the national bird and resident breeder of India; they nest on the ground, but prefer to roost in the trees.
Java Green Peacocks
Java Green Peacocks (males) are endangered due to the high demand for their plumage and meat; peahens (females) lay 6-8 eggs & are easy to raise.
Pied Peacocks
Pied Peacocks have been developed in many pattern combinations & colors; the peachick must get a gene from both parents to show pied color & patterns. 
White Peacocks
White Peacocks are similar to Blue Peacocks in behavior & size, but are white. Males are peacocks; females are peahens & collectively termed as peafowl.
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Blue Eared Pheasants
Blue Eared Pheasants have blue gray bodies; pairs are similarly marked with the male slightly larger; eat vegetables & berries & live in central China forests.
Brown Eared Pheasants
Brown Eared Pheasants (No. China) have similar plumage between sexes; eat plants, roots or bulbs; females lay 5-8 large eggs & take 28 days to hatch.
Elliot's Pheasants
Elliot's Pheasants live in mountain forests, up to 6,200 ft, in S.E. China; mainly eating berries, leaves & seeds and they are threatened due to habitat loss.

Impeyan Pheasants
Impeyan Pheasants (from Lady Impey) have brilliant hues of metallic colored plumage; are extremely monogamous & lay 15-20 large splotchy eggs.
Lady Amherst's Pheasants 
Lady Amherst's pheasants are native to south western China; they are difficult to see in their natural habitat, so little is known of their life in the wild.
Red Golden Pheasants 
Red Golden Pheasants are disease resistent, hardy in most climates; quite clumsy in flight and are native to forests & mountains of western China.
Reeve's Pheasants
Reeve's Pheasants are aggressive towards other pheasants, animals & humans; their call is a musical warble & withstand the cold or heat very well.
Silver Pheasants
Silver Pheasant males reach full color by their second year; having tails up to 30 inches; females are mostly brown and smaller at about 28 inches total.
Swinhoe's Pheasants
Swinhoe's Pheasants are the unofficial national bird of Taiwan; they eat insects, fruits & seeds; females lay 3-6 eggs & young leave the nest in 2-3 days.
Yellow Golden Pheasants 
Yellow Golden Pheasants spend most of their time on the ground and are clumsy in flight. They eat insects (invertebrates) & at night they roost in trees
Please Call  1-661-822-7437  For Availability 
California Valley Quail
California Valley Quail are highly sociable; enjoy a daily communal dust bath &, when startled, CA Quail burst into short flight or rapidly run away on foot.
Gambel Quail
Gamble Quail are rarely seen in flight; mainly move about by walking; if surprised, may move fast through undergrowth or brush & rarely breed in colonies.
Texas Blue Scale Quail
Texas Blue Scale Quail build nests hidden in dense ground plants; females lay up to 60 eggs from May-September & the males readily protect the nest.
Please Call For Availability  1-661-822-7437
Temminck Tragopans
Temminck Tragopans are a species of pheasants; having an enormous habitat range including So. Asia, NE India, Tibet, NW Vietnam & northern China.
Please Call For Availability  1-661-822-7437
Australian Black Swans 
Australian Black Swans moult after breeding; losing all flight feathers at once; are unable to fly for a month and settle on large, open waters for safety.

South American Black-Necked Swans
South American Black-Necked Swans, like the Mute and Black Swans, are relatively silent and both parents regularly carry their cygnets on their backs.
Trumpeter Swans
Trumpeter Swans are the largest living species of waterfowl; males are known as 'Cobs' & females lay 3-10 eggs on a mound of plant matter or beaver lodge. 
White Mute Swans 
White Mute Swans are very territorial; they make grunting, hoarse whistling & snorting noises to communicate with their cygnets and hiss at predators.
Whooper Swans
Whooper Swans weigh 17-44 lbs.; their legs can't support them on land for very long; are very strong swimmers; skim water for food and have a deep honk.

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When you contact us for exotic birds you will get professional exotic bird breeders with more than 30 years of experience. We take pride in delivering your order of healthy exotic birds, with the fastest turnaround time available in the business.To contact our expert exotic bird breeders in 
SIGNATURE POULTRY DOT COM AND GAME BIRDS operates a thirty-two acre bird sanctuary and exotic bird breeding facility in the California. The utilization of a four acre lake and fifty smaller ponds, with clean water flowing twenty-four hours a day, provides a perfect habitat to breed and raise exotic birds, such as Australian Black Swans, South American Black-Necked Swans, Trumpeter Swans and White Mute Swans. Acres of netted enclosures are used to house Breeders and Baby Swans, Cranes, Curassows, Ducks, Geese, Vulturine Guinea Fowl, Peacocks, Pheasants, Sacred Ibis and many others.

Here, at our sanctuary, we specialize in exotic bird breeding of Australian Black Swans, White Mute Swans and the especially beautiful South American Black-Necked Swans. White Mute Swans, Trumpeter Swans, South American Black-Necked Swans and Australian Black Swans are offered in ages from juveniles to adult breeder pairs; three years of age or older. Our South American Black-Necked Swans, White Mute Swans and Australian Black Swans are shipped out weekly, throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, to exotic bird enthusiasts who want to enhance the beauty of their estates or ponds.

Over the years, we have been chosen the breeder of exotic birds to celebrities Michael Jackson, at the Neverland Ranch; Wayne Newton, in Las Vegas; Ziegfried and Roy, in Las Vegas; Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, and provided exotic birds to be used for the Jack Hanna Show. SIGNATURE GAME BIRD FARM is proud to have been the breeder of exotic birds for zoos and safari parks, around the country, with quality breeding stock for their displays, including: San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Francisco Zoo, Los Angeles Zoo and Safari West Animal Park, to name a few. 
SIGNATURE GAME BIRD FARM are exotic bird breeders of hundreds of Ducks and Geese each year. We are also Wood Ducks and Mandarin Ducks breeders, both being very popular species, of which several hundred Mandarin Ducks and Wood Ducks are shipped yearly, throughout the country. As breeders of Black-Bellied Whistling Tree Ducks, Common Shelducks, Fulvous Tree Ducks, Paradise Shelducks, Ruddy Shelducks and White-Faced Tree Ducks our customers have a plentiful selection of many exotic bird duck species to add to their collections.

SIGNATURE GAME BIRDS are also exotic bird breeders of Red Golden Pheasants, Yellow Golden Pheasants and Lady Amherst's Pheasants, as they are the most popular exotic pheasants requested by exotic bird collectors. As exotic bird breeders of Elliot's Pheasants, Impeyan Pheasants, Reeve's Pheasants, Silver Pheasants and Swinhoe's Pheasants we have a large variety of exotic pheasants from which to choose.
Our exotic bird breeders concentration of three exotic Crane species: Demoiselle Cranes, East African Crowned Cranes and Stanley Cranes, or Blue Cranes, has made SIGNATURE POULTRY (dot) COM one of the largest exotic bird breeders of exotic Cranes in the nation. Our exotic bird breeders provide Stanley Cranes or Blue Cranes, East African Crowned Cranes and Demoiselle Cranes at ages from juveniles to five year old exotic breeder Cranes that are usually available throughout the year. A large part of our exotic bird breeding grounds is devoted to the propagation of East African Crowned Cranes, Stanley Cranes or Blue Cranes, Demoiselle Cranes and other rare or endangered exotic bird species.
Blue Scale Quail, Bobwhite Quail, California Valley Quail, Gambel's Quail, Mexican Speckled Bobwhite Quail, Tennessee Red Bobwhite Quail White Bobwhite Quail and Wisconsin Jumbo Bobwhite Quail have been added to our exotic bird breeders list, so please call for prices and availability.
Barbary Partridges are one of our exotic bird breeders' favorites, mainly due to their speckled and striped markings and for their body's rotund size. Hungarian Red-Legged Partridges are available in a variety of exotic bird breeders' choice colors, including lavender, purple, slate, white and pearl. Vulturine Guinea Fowl are among our exotic bird breeders' newest additions, which also have incredibly distinctive and beautiful plumage all their own.
SIGNATURE POULTRY dot COM AND GAME BIRD FARM has the pleasure of being exotic bird breeders of India Blue Peacocks, Java Green Peacocks, Pied Peacocks and White Peacocks. The India Blue Peacocks, Java Green Peacocks, Pied Peacocks and White Peacocks are all spectacular additions to see and enjoy roaming the grounds daily throughout our facility at SIGNATURE POULTRY (DOT) COM   661-822-7437
All of the above listed species are shipped by US Postal Service, Express Mail, to your local post office; with the exception of Cranes, that must be shipped via air cargo. SIGNATURE GAME BIRD FARM is proud of the quality of our exotic birds shipped, our fast order turnaround and our live arrival guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. CALL  1-661-822-7437